Maintenance Supervisor

The Village at Linwood   Linwood , NJ   Full-time     Maintenance
Posted on May 5, 2023

The Village at Linwood a 55+ Condominium Association located in Linwood NJ is accepting applications for a full time maintenance supervisor. Salary based upon experience.

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The job description includes the following:

Normal work hours are from 7 am. to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Clubhouse Interior

·        Setup & restore to normal, furniture & fixtures for major parties, general meetings, etc.

·        Mop & vacuum floors, and clean kitchen, bathrooms & storage areas including mirrors, and toilets, when applicable. Clean the entire clubhouse before & after events such as General meetings, happy hour, dinner with friends, and rentals.

·        Repair & paint all interior walls, the copula area & foyer ceiling.

·        Maintain minor plumbing & electrical fixtures such as faucets, thermostats, light switches & outlets, etc.


Clubhouse Exterior

·        Repair or replace light to moderate dry rot on walls & trim including painting.

·        Perform light to moderate electrical repairs, such as light bulbs & fixtures.

Condo Units

·        Repair or replace light to minor dry rot on building and trash house walls up to and including trim and walls under 10 feet high.

·        Perform light to moderate painting of buildings, walls, and trim.

·        Repair or replace light to moderate electrical problems, such as light bulbs & fixtures.

·        Repair, replace & paint all light to moderate water-damaged sheetrock caused by leaking interior water pipes and roof leaks that are under the responsibility of the VAL.

·        Clean leaf-clogged gutters and downspouts on one-story buildings such as D building and ½ of C building.

Common areas

·        Perform light to moderate dry rot repairs and painting of trash houses.

·        Perform light to moderate electrical repairs, such as light bulbs & fixtures.

·        Perform light to moderate concrete & brick paver work, such as tripping hazards on sidewalks & curbing.

·        Perform leaf removal on street gutter grates to prevent flooding and splashing residents between scheduled contractor visits.

·        Perform minor limb, twig & tree sucker removal between scheduled contractor visits. Clear parking lot gutters of debris when applicable.

·        Open and close trash house doors on trash removal & recycle days.

·        Perform light to moderate asphalt patching, such as small potholes and cracks.

·        Perform light to moderate repairs to the 6-foot stockade perimeter fence.

·        Clean and maintain fountain basin as required.

·        Perform light to moderate power washing of buildings and patios when applicable.

·        Perform light to moderate repairs to irrigation heads and piping.

·        Monitor the irrigation clocks and make changes after they are activated by the contractor at spring startup. Work with the board if timing days and run times minutes are questionable.

  • Adjust, repair, or replace photoelectric electronics for common area light standards.

Pool area:

  • Repair and paint the pool deck, and doors prior to pool season if applicable.
  • Repair and clean any salvageable chairs, lounges, and umbrellas before pool season.


Minor construction, electrical, plumbing & painting experience preferred.